Hello world, I'm freelancing!

Yes, you are on the right place, this is my CV.

Sass is more

In the 90s the term was pixel perfect. I can't remember the exact year though, I'm using the nineties as those were turbulent years in the country where I'm from. Today in the responsive era I would say generic. I'mI was a big fan of Bootstrap, it's great in achieving that genericness. But if you have a clear vision and care about details, we can go much deeper beyond the surface and achieve both concepts side by side! P.S. CSS custom properties (--variables) are the most!


My company visit card wrote Frontend developer, UI/UX designer but name it as you like. What I'm the best at is PSD2HTMLdesign2HTML, but you can find anybody for that. Why you are looking for me is the quality of that HTML: semantic, accessible, SEO friendly, WCAG compliance, WAI-ARIA, Schema.org and more... My colleagues liked to work with me since I was a good glue between the backend, frontend and the graphical design. I'm not from the arts academy but I feel it in my stomach if something is not right with the color palette (and when a space is missing between words!). I worked with a plethora of technologies so there is a good chance that I will understand what the backend guys are talking about. I enjoy learning new technologies, I do write backend code, but I prefer just to understand it. I can git from the command line or run maven/gulp/npm but I'm more confident when there is a software architect or a Scala guru in the team.

Freelancing manifes<tt>o

I don't like the idea of selling myself. If time is money I choose my time. In other words, don't bother me with those huge enterprise solutions or boring financial datasets. Don't misinterpret me, I enjoy this abstract state of mind but I would rather do something else, e.g. lying in the fields and staring at the sky. The good ideas often come from those clouds (and even more often while cycling). If your project is clever, useful and interesting (and helps achieving World Peace ;-) you are at the right address.

Are you still interested in working with me? Excellent! I've just found someone I would enjoy working with! I hope our next project will be a work to be proud of!

When I'm not sitting in front of my computer I'm somewhere up in the mountains or cycling around with my Fuji X100T and this is my desk-top

P.S. this is pure, valid and accessible HTML inspired by @thebarrytone, motherf*ckingwebsite.com. If you fancy animations check out NovaLite, one of the best pieces in my portfolio.